About The Game

TowerFall was designed to create a virtual depiction of the human mind when dealing with depression. Our game is made up of challenges that involve using both your mind and skill. TowerFall is made up of several levels, with each level leading you deeper and deeper into the tower. Just like in one's mind you will fight your inner demons, face your biggest fears, and most importantly, make it out alive. 

Each level will include certain challenges to be completed to move on to the next. In relation to the human mind, when fighting depression, a feeling of helplessness will appear based off of the many obstacles and difficulties but the objective is to overcome these hurdles and keep pushing forward. 

We all endure pain and loss, and often times feel broken. We face hardship, sometimes feel lost and alone but here we stand moving forward one day at a time. We should remember the lessons we learn in life because they only make us stronger. There is always hope, even when your brain tells you there isn't...TowerFall.

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